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State Pariyatti Sasana University of Mandalay

Departments of World Religions

Curriculum & syllabus for the course of B.A (Buddhism)

Curriculum & syllabus for the course of B.A (Buddhism)

Departments of World Religions

First Year

WR 101: Introduction of Buddhism into Myanmar
        1. Buddhism in Ramañña Country
        2. Buddhism in Pyu Period
        3. Buddhism in Bagan Period
        4. Buddhism in Pinya Period
        5. Buddhism in Inwa
        6. Buddhism in Taungoo Perion
        7. Buddhism in Nyaungyand Period

WR 102: Studies on other religions

Books prescribed:
        1. Sasanalankara Sadan by Mahadhammarara Sankram
        2. Sasana-bahusuta-pakasani by Payabyu Sayadaw
        3. Buddha Nainggandaw Vol 1 & 2 by Ashin Samvarabhivamsa
        4. Myanmar Nainddan Theravada Sittan by Ashin Pyiññindabhivamsa

WR 102: Studies in religions other than Buddhism
        1. Christianity
        2. Islam
        3. Hinduism
        4. others

Books prescribed:
        1. Essential of Four Great Religions (Nyo Thaung)
        2. Missionary Organizations in Myanmar (Hanthawaddy U Ba Khin)
        3. Men Seeking God (Christopher Mayhew)

WR 103: Subsidirary Subjects
        1. Basic Geography
        2. History

Books prescribed:
Texts for detailed study:
        1. Geography of the Buddhist religion (Taungbauk Sayadaw)
        2. Word Geography & Myanmar Geography (School Text books)
        3. Myanmar Nainggan Thamaing (History of Myanmar) by Dr Kyaw Thet

Reference for general study:
        1. Vamsa Dipani (Maihtee Sayadaw)
        2. Sasanasuddhi-dipaka Patha (Hsondar Sayadaw)
        3. Myanmar Translation of Kalyani inscription in Mon (King Dhammaceti)
        4. Practical Buddhism (Ashin Pyiññindabhivamsa)
        5. Pure Buddhism (Ashin Pyiññindabhivamsa)
        6. History of Ancient Myanmar (Dr Than Tun)
        7. Chronicles of Myanmar (various others)
        8. Burma Through Allien Eyes (Helen Trager)

Second Year
Third Year
Fourth Year
M.A (Part I)
M.A (Part II)

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