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State Pariyatti Sasana University of Mandalay

Departments of Abhidhamma

Curriculum & syllabus for the course of B.A (Buddhism)

Curriculum & syllabus for the course of B.A (Buddhism)

Departments of Abhidhamma

First Year

A 101: Abhidhamma

Dhammasangani Pali (without commentary)

Books prescribed:

Texts for detailed study:

    1. Dhammasangani Pali

Reference for general study:

    1. Atthasalini Atthakatha

    2. Dhamma sangani Nissayas

    3. Byupppatyadi catukka, five Kriyas, Lakkhanadi catukka, siddhi and works on Pattana methods

    4. Sasana University Collected Aphorisms

Second Year
Third Year
Fourth Year
M.A (Part I)
M.A (Part II)

About Us

The Government, with the aim of establishing a Sasana University, invited the leading Sayadaws for consultation. And it was decided that the task of setting up a University should be entrusted to a person of competence, in the person of the late Bhaddanta Vicittasarabhivamsa, the Mingun Sayadaw, who at that time was over seventy years of age.

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